Where’s My Wilkerson? #1


Your eyes see right. You are looking at a Nats Comic Strip.

The idea came to me as I was downtown last night at Slainte Irish Bar and when I came out of a bathroom stall and back into the bar everyone was laughing at me because I had a piece of toilet paper stuck to my heel. As beautiful Irish lasses and pug-faced Irish lads laughed themselves into a frenzy, I busted out the only thing I could think of to defuse the situation:

“I was saving that for later.”

I admit, it makes no sense and it didn’t work but that is the beauty of a comic strip and that is the beauty of the Washington Nationals: you don’t have to understand them to have a good time. So the mixing of the comic genre and baseball only seemed natural. We hope this comic strip becomes a social commentary and helps to solve the ideologies behind the idea of the Washington Nationals.

You see? That makes no sense, but you really thought you understood.

We are working on improving the presentation and format of it all, but here is the inaugural strip of “Where’s My Wilkerson?” We’ll try to hammer out one of these each week if we can.

The stenciling, inking and printing all take time.