Ryan Zimmerman Did Not Like His Old Windows

A couple weeks back the NQ posted that Ryan Zimmerman was in the process of making a commercial of some sort for Thompson Creek Windows and selling his soul. Above is the fruits of that labor.

It seems he has made a series of these Thompson Creek commercials and you can view the other ones HERE and HERE.

Frankly, this sort of thing totally isn’t him. He looks totally out of place and honestly do you really think he gave a crap about his windows? He probably didn’t even know he had windows.

Probably because all his Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards were blocking them all.

Here Is A Seven Year Old Showing Off His Bryce Harper

I hate baseball players that say they don’t believe they are role models. If this video proves anything, it proves two things:

  1. Yes, they are role models. Kids obviously look up to them.
  2. Being Bryce Harper is just too cool.

The best part of this vid is the fact the Harper jersey is obviously three times too big for the kid and at the very end when he starts to list off what he is wearing it just melts puppies.

The Sun Might Be Setting On The Hagerstown Suns

The Washington Nationals might have two minor league affiliates in Northern Virginia soon.

Already their Single-A affiliate, the Potomac Nationals, are in Woodbridge, VA however the NQ’s crack team of reporters (who just Googled it) has learned the Class-A Hagerstown Suns have signed a letter of intent to move the team from Hagerstown, Maryland to Winchester, VA.

This all depends if certain conditions are met by April 17th such as funding for a new stadium.

In honor of this landmark move, the NQ has posted the video above (WARNING: Some foul language) of the Suns tying a cellphone to a balloon, releasing it while it was recording and then having it crash into a power line and have it blow the transformer.

If these sort of shenanigans continue, then Winchester is in for a real treat.