I Love Me Some Peanut Butter Mouth And Nats Badasses

After former manager Jim Riggleman threw his career down the toilet and current manager Davey Johnson took over the reigns, Natstown knew they were getting something, but no one was sure what.

Sure, Johnson was on those ’86 Mets and he was highly respected in nearly all baseball circles and especially by GM Mike Rizzo who has wanted Johnson at the helm for years. But the guy looked slow, old and looked like the Cryptkeeper. The Nationals just didn’t suddenly start winning when he took over, change didn’t seem on the horizon. When he interviewed it sounded like his mouth was constantly full of peanut butter that was stuck to the roof of his mouth, hence his pet name on this blog “Peanut Butter Mouth.”

What damn fools we have been.

From all indications, Johnson has completely remade the team in his own image or at least injected it with some of his old man “Honey Badger Don’t Give A Sh*t” confidence and attitude. I mean, this old codger is a wolverine. He’s got balls. Need proof? Check out what he told CSN’s Kelli Johnson:

“When you look at this season, when it’s all said and done, will it be a disappointment, a failure in your mind, if this team does not make the playoffs?” CSN’s Kelli Johnson asked the manager.

“No question in my mind,” the manager said. “You know, and they can fire me.

“Strong words,” Kelli noted.

“Yeah,” the manager agreed. “I mean, we should make the playoffs. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Basically translated: “my boys don’t make the playoffs, you can have my job.” What absolute balls. That is the type of manager this team needs. Manny Acta and Jim Riggleman waited for sparks and went to psychic readings in hopes of unlocking the secrets of winning in Washington. Johnson is just set on going out there and doing it. Incredible. Totally badass.

You know what else is badass? A suave Tyler Clippard ‘mean mugging”animated .gif from Drew Storen:

Epic Win with a huge “Curly W.”

In News That Isn’t So Badass–

Jayson Werth Is Spastic – Jayson Werth attended the Daytona 500 the other night and watched from the pits, but now he is a bit in the pits himself as he missed Tuesday’s workouts due to back spasms. Manager Davey Johnson says he isn’t overly concerned, but Werth is expected to miss the first two exhibition games of the spring (vs. Georgetown, Houston) this weekend.

Tweet It Ain’t So, Bryce – Apparently, Bryce Harper might have deleted his Twitter account. That is okay because obviously his concentration is and should be somewhere else right now, but I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t entertaining as hell. If memory serves me correctly he took an odd hiatus before so perhaps Bryce will strike again in the future.