Jerry Hairston Jr. Was Caught Blowing Balls Again

I am sure baseball players have an arsenal of scurvy cheats and short cuts they use to try to get the game to do something in their favor. I’m positive they do. It would be naive to think they didn’t. I’m sure they have some thrown together DIY handbook that they hide under the first step of the dugout steps or something and pull it out when they need a trick of the trade.

Jerry Hairston’s favorite cheat is perhaps ripped right out of that handbook.

On Thursday former Nationals benchman Jerry Hairston Jr. (now with Dodgers) was caught trying to “blow a ball foul” that was bunted down the line during a Spring Training game against the Royals. This is hilarious enough by itself (Deadspin has the video) if it wasn’t the first time Hairston Jr. tried to pull this stunt.

For avid Nats historians, you might remember back in April of 2011 in a game against the New York Mets, Hairston got caught dead bang doing the same thing in Nationals uniform. Just for your files: it didn’t work then and it didn’t Thursday. The guy sucks at blowing.

Which is sort of sad because Jerry Hairston Jr. is a blower. He is a chronic blower. He just can’t stop blowing. Mark my words, he will blow again. He blows. If he can’t blow, what else can he do?

(Photo from @KegsnEggs)

How Many Racing Presidents Can You Fit In A Mini-Van?

What better way to start off a Friday morning than with a little philosophy? Today’s question: How Many Racing Presidents Can You Fit In A Mini-Van?

Some fans shot some video of the Presidents either getting ready to steal a van or just getting ready to embark to another location to bring on that Nationals cheer. Incredibly they are able to get at least three of the Presidents in the little white sardine can.

Don’t watch this video if you don’t want the illusion of seven to eight foot tall Presidents running around broken. One of them sheds their costume.

It sort of proves reality kinda sucks.