Michael Morse To Finally Make Those $40 Beast Mode Shirts Worth It

The world was rocked yesterday as someone on Twitter claiming to be injured Washington Nationals outfielder Michael Morse (@MLBeastMode38) entered the social flow of the Internet and said that he would be returning from his DL stint (torn left lat muscle) and that he would be making his 2012 debut Friday night at Nationals Park against the Atlanta Braves.

Since then, the account has been somewhat verified as Morse, but his “debut post” has long since been deleted which probably means the team isn’t as solid as to the “when” he will return. Make no mistake, Morse will be at Nationals Park and Davey Johnson plans to use him if he is ready to go. So he might actually make an appearance Friday, but it might be something as small and simple as a pinch hit opportunity.

Regardless, this is good news to a Nationals line up that is in desperate need of reinforcement as injuries continue to plague its starters. A big bat in the line up is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whether or not Morse can replicate his 2011 season has yet to be seen obviously, but the NQ is of the opinion that Morse is going to have a hard time of it. Last year he had the element of being an unknown. This year pitchers will be looking for him so I suspect there will be a lot more challenges and a lot more walks. However, Morse will be inserted into a line up full of guts and grit and perhaps that is exactly what he needs.

Morse’s return is also good news for the fans, especially those who spent forty f**king dollars on those Beast Mode shirts. Forty f**king dollars. Holy smokes! What the hell is it made out of that it is forty dollars? Mithril? I don’t even spend $40 on a pair of shoes!

This might explain why I wear tennis rackets tied to my feet.