The Elevator Music Kept Singing KA-CHING

Nats Owner Ted Lerner, originally uploaded by DonKosin.

This is just a little funny side story to Blogger’s Day that I wanted to share before I made way back to North Carolina:

We live blogged from the Nationals Bloggers Press Box and we stayed a few minutes after the game to wrap things up and pack up. Miss Natpenny, myself, and Steve from FJB got into an elevator together to return to the main concourse.

As Steve was showing me the Frank Howard bobblehead we all received as a parting gift from the team, the elevator stopped, the doors opened who walked in? Pretty much the whole Lerner family. Ted Lerner stood only inches away from me while I could have reached out and touched Mark Lerner who probably would have disintegrated me with some really expensive, high powered laser glasses he might have been wearing.

I looked at Steve. I looked at Miss Natpenny. The air was thick with the smell of hot dogs, sweat and greenbacks. What do you do in a situation like that when your a trapped in a metal box with one of the richest guys in the world?

My first instinct was to snap a photo, but I decided against being one of those types of jackasses. I simply stood there and stared as Mark Lerner made jokes about needing a hearing aid. We finally reached our floor and we filed out, leaving the world of diamonds, limos and bloody red steak behind us.

After the doors closed I turned to Steve.

“What do you do when your standing next to the guy who is richer than God?”

Steve took a second, looked at me and said: “Pass gas?”


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