Nats Fans: A Call To Hair

I’m pretty sure Adam Dunn wasn’t planning on making it a big deal. I’m nearly positive he thought the idea was simply going to be an inside joke among the players in the inner sanctum that is the locker room. But these sorts of things always begin small and then take on a life of their own.

Of course, I am talking about the Silver Wig.

At the beginning of the season, first baseman Adam Dunn came up with the idea of a sort of “community trophy” for the players. The Nationals player of the game gets a special item that declares him, well, special and gives him bragging rights until the player of the next game is announced. Nyjer Morgan dug the idea so he went out and purchased from a Halloween store an exaggerated Elvis wig that he might or might not have painted silver.

Since then, Nats fans have sort of grown attached to it (no pun intended). The Nationals Enquirer is a master at getting photos of players wearing the wig posted online. The D.C. Sports Bog is keeping track of all the “Elvi.” There is even a thread over on the Washington Nationals Fan Forum titled “The Silver Wig Appreciation Society” were Nats fans talk wig and post pictures of the players wearing them. I should know, I started it to gauge popularity of the rite and the response has been positive with a lot of ideas formulating.

It reminds me of the Yanks Giambi Mustaches and Golden Thongs. It was just a fan homegrown idea that spread.

I think it is time for Nats fans to have a little fun. We deserve it. So the Inquisition is making a “Call To Hair,” Nats fans. Here is your homework assignment:

The next Nationals home game you attend, wear an Elvis wig.

It can be a duplicate of the silver wig or just any Elvis wig you can find and afford. I think they should remain black because I think the Silver Wig should remain unique and to the players. Just throw an Elvis wig on before you go out the door to a game and wear it. I want to see “Elvi” popping up in the crowd at Nationals Park. I want to see them on the television broadcasts. I want to see them at Nationals events. Let’s have some fun and support the team. The Silver Wig belongs to the player of the game, the Black Wigs belong to the fans of the game.

Here is a link to a replica black wig similar to the Silver Wig. I’m buying one.

Let’s give it a try and see where it goes. Maybe a lot of people will do it. Maybe no one to do it. If there is enough interest maybe we’ll get the blogs together and we’ll dedicate a game where we try and get as many fans as possible to wear a wig at the game. Maybe Flash Mob at Nationals Park. I don’t know, the potential for the idea is endless. If anyone is interested in trying to get something big together, contact the NQ. If you go to a Nats game wearing a wig, get your picture taken and we’ll definitely post them up on the NQ. If you see an Elvis wig at a game, let us know.

Let’s get hairy, Nats fans. Let’s make Adam Dunn proud.

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