Stan Kasten’s Friends Want To Raid Nats Park Again

In news that would only make Nationals President Stan Kasten happy, it seems that the fan base of the Philadelphia Phillies or The Society of Vomiting Fat Slobs will be attempting to raid and infest Nationals Park during the game on July 31st. The details for this great gathering of crap can be found HERE.

During Opening Day 2010 at Nationals Park, a similar event was planned and while was generally viewed as successful for Philly fans, it made Opening Day an absolute failure for Nats fans who had to deal with legions of loud, rude, drunken and violent visitor fans who the previous year were invited with open arms by none other than Stan Kasten.

This, of course Nats fans, cannot stand. Stan Kasten’s friends from the Philly area are not welcome in our house. Buy your tickets now. It is Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead night. Don’t let these animals get our bobbleheads. Let’s show this human waste up.

National fans are instructed to bring brown paper bags with a “P” printed on it as barf bags in honor of the standard Phillies fan and Phillies fan behavior.

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