Signs Of The Straspocolypse

Here are a couple of signs that were floating around during Stephen Strasburg’s debut tonight.

The first two read “Bryce Harper Doesn’t Remember The Expos”and “StrasBURG DEAD AHEAD.” The third is “St. Stephen” brought to the Park by a Catholic university group.

Gotta love the enthusiasm of the “10th Man” tonight. Signs, cheers, noise, they really got in the game and got behind the newest addition to the Nationals. However, I have to ding them on one thing: what is with all this construction paper and poster board crap? It was Stephen Freaking Strasburg. Strasburg. St. Stephen!

Shouldn’t these signs have had more glitter, gold foil and colored feathers of the rare and nearly extinct Nile Partridge?

Nah, I’m just screwing with you. Good job, you animals.

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