I Thought The Nats Were Through Making Excuses

Brandon Flowers was onĀ  sports talk radio yesterday, a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and a whole other sport we aren’t concerned with in these parts, but that doesn’t matter because what he said is pretty much sports universal, especially one quote in particular:

“Fans don’t want to hear you talk about winning, they want to see you do it. They don’t want to watch you talk, they want to see you walk the walk.”

There is probably no truer words to wake up to on a brisk Tuesday morning. Stamp that as truth. Absolute truth. Like the world is round, dinosaurs came before man and Micheal Ironside is a completely underrated actor. It can’t be debated. Truth. So when you wake up to find articles titled like THIS and then read game recaps that contain a gauntlet of excuses, like the one about the Nationals 8-2 beating at the hands of the Houston Astros last night, it leaves you not only scratching your head and covering your eyes, but also leaves you wondering when this team is just going to shut up and do something.

I keep hating to bring it up, but we promised we’d hold the team to it– Stan? Stan? Where are you Stan? Excuses are multiplying like Gremlins and you said excuses will no longer be tolerated. Stan?

Some of the wonderful doozies from the recap:

Manager Jim Riggleman and the excuse for Adam Dunn/Livo error:

“I thought Adam gave him a good feed and didn’t handle it,” [Manager Jim] Riggleman said. “What I’m sure happened was Livan thought Adam was going to throw to third, so Livan kind of held up. He realized that he has to get it going again, and he’s all fouled at that point.”

Yeah, right. I’ll tell you what else is all fouled up at this point…

Willie Harris and the excuse for him not making a catch:

“The lights affected me when the ball came off the bat,” Harris said. “I think I still had enough time. I should have made the play. I picked the ball up in a decent amount of time. I just missed the play.”

This is the reason there were only 10,999 people at the Park last night. This is the reason why some people snicker like you said the word “penis” when you say “Washington Nationals.” This is the reason free agents avoid D.C. like the plague. This is the reason why this team will finish in the cellar again in 2010–

No accountability + No responsibility = Only Excuses

This is all this team has. Excuses when there should be none. Natstown does not want to read a bunch of Ra-Ra pieces like this one, this one and this one. They are hard to swallow and get behind during trying times and seem nothing like kool-aid induced puff pieces. We want answers to how this ship is going to be fixed. We also don’t want to endure paragraphs of hot-quote mouth flatulence like the current recap. We want results, forward progress. It is becoming like some horrifying sick joke the more and more Rizzo, Riggleman or some player continue to push the line, “…we are closer than we appear” when it is pretty obvious even to the most simple baseball minded that they are not.

I don’t know. Maybe I am the only one. I just feel a bit lied to. I was promised, as a Nationals fan, that everyone in the organization was now expected to win or come in expecting to win, but they aren’t. The days of accepting excuses were over, yet here they are, immortalized forever in sad post-game recaps. I have a hard time believing I am the only one on this train of thought, but somehow I doubt it. I guess I am just aggravated.

Until someone takes this team by the balls and solidifies a little true A&R (accountability, responsibility), I’d forget anything having to do with the playoffs, the standings, the score. This team has a lot of things to figure out.

“Before the game, we could tell the crowd was down [attendance wise],” Riggleman said. “It had all the elements that would cause that to happen. We have not been playing winning baseball. It is two clubs that are not in contention. If we want to have good crowds out there, we have to play better baseball and win more games.”

Is that what you have to do? Is that what you guys are going to do in 2011?

Mystery solved!

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