Bye-Bye Bergmann And Nationals Pipe Dreams

Nats beat writer Bill Ladson reported on his Twitter Feed that Nats reliever Jason Bergmann has been granted free agency. I am considering tweeting him back and asking him, “Like that tree that falls in the woods when no one is around, does anyone really care?”

Bergmann made a career based off of one year– mainly his rookie year where he pitched in 15 games and garnered a 2.75 ERA. That was enough to sucker the team into holding on to him and hoping he could “return to that magical rookie year of 2003.” He repaid their patience by never having an ERA lower than 4.45 the next five years. From starter to reliever to AAA fodder, Bergmann ran the gauntlet of MLB dreams and nightmares. Inconsistent, it became obviously clear Bergmann was not going to be a mainstay, but it was baffling seeing the Nats run him out to the mound year after year as it was thought the JB Experiment was long over. Now they put the puppy to bed.

Of course, they could always resign him, but there wouldn’t be much point. Pretty much the only thing Bergmann had going for him was he was a really nice guy and the fans really loved him more for being a nun rather than being an effective pitcher.

Enough Bergmann, lets move on to just a thought I have been having.

Over the past few days I have seen Natstown start throwing out names of potential off season acquisitions and I have come to the conclusion that majority of Natstown is still hungover from binge drinking their sorrows to death after the regular season ended. There are some that truly believe the Nats have a chance and will be dealing on an even playing field for guys like Carl Crawford, Jayson Werth and… drum roll, please… Cliff Lee.

Get-out-of-town. No chance in hell.

Seriously, with Crawford talking $100 million contracts (not going to happen or at least should not happen), Werth playing for a competing team already and Lee pitching like some sort of resurrected mound-Jesus, I look for a logical reason why any of these guys should put the prime of their careers on hold so they can go play on a team of last place, directionless misfits. Each time I can’t come up with anything, get mad at myself and go hide in a darkened bathroom until my self-confidence recharges.

Of course, there is money, always money. Lord Humungous could throw zillions of dollars at these guys and perhaps pull them in. But something tells me these guys won’t be satisfied with just money. When your team leads the MLB in errors and loses in every conceivable way night in and night out money is a poor bed fellow. You almost want to pay to get off such a team.

I’m not going to stop the Nats from trying, but I’m not going to get overly excited. It is all fan boy pipe dreaming and it is fun to do at times. I know. Putting a little Cliff Lee in your pipe and smoking it can be quite a trip. But then you crash back into reality.

That sucks.

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