I Never Knew Roger Bernadina Was Nicknamed “The Shark”

In what may very well be only news to myself, Nationals outfielder Roger Bernadina has somewhere along the line picked up the nickname “The Shark.” My staff was combing the vast Internet for news early this morning and one of the more runt-like of them cautiously approached my throne and asked, “When did Roger Bernadina add “The Shark” part to his official webpage header?” I immediately raised my blogging Triton and vaporized the little grease spot thinking he had finally lost his nut, but a few minutes later I went to www.rogerbernadina.com and sure enough:

Not only is “The Shark” boldly displayed between Roger and Bernadina, but it also glistens as if the sun passes over it and reveals a golden treasure never seen before thanks to a nifty web effect. In this case, this is somewhat correct. I have never seen anyone use “The Shark” when referring to Bernadina, neither writer or fan boy. So where did it come from?

The first place I went to find any sort of unique, obscure or just made up information is Wikipedia and under Bernadina’s page I found:

I don’t know what to believe here– that he plays similar to Willy Taveras or people wear shark costumes to Nationals Park. I’ve seen a lot of strange and unusual stuff at Nats Park, but I never remember seeing anyone dressed as a shark. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t because I am of the opinion the more freaky-deeky the better. After a little searching (don’t ask me how I found this) I did find these two fans pimpin’ for The Shark. Awesome. If you are these fans and are reading this, e-mail me (natsnq@gmail.com).

A little more digging and finally I see someone refer to Bernadina as “The Shark” in the comments of a Byron Kerr article last August. Strangely, the Wikipedia page was updated a day after the comment was posted (the 28th) and on that same day of the Kerr article comment, August the 27th, someone went on the World Infamous Urban Dictionary and added this to the definition of “The Shark”– right between a sex-crazed individual and an obscene sex move involving kung-fu hands:

The fans talking at the end is priceless. MVP! Notice the author’s name too. But really? Does he really throw up the dorsal fin? Have I been that oblivious to it all? You learn something new in Natstown everyday I guess.

Whether or not “The Shark” is a nick thought up by a couple of people who pushed it hard in a huge blitz and Bernadina embraced it or indeed Roger Bernadina is a vicious fish patrolling the green-grass seas, it is now here to stay and I’ll be damned if I won’t use it myself in the future. “The Shark.” So cool. The NQ approves. If we get the chance, we’ll ask Bernadina about it when we get down to Viera in a few weeks.

Hopefully he won’t bite us.

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