Finally Jason Marquis Gets Into The Hall

Nationals starter Jason Marquis carries himself pretty high. In this business you sort of have to, but if you go on record saying you cause teams that you are on to win and have some people giving you the “Gamechanger” handle, then you better have the walnuts to back it up. In 2010, Marquis didn’t. Bone chips in his elbow followed by some absolutely atrocious starts following his return after surgery to remove them made many in Natstown do the Facepalm. However, there isn’t a single person who follows this team that doesn’t hope he returns to old form in 2011 because God knows the Nationals are going to need him to. Perhaps finally getting into the Hall Of Fame will grease the Marquis ego and give him the confidence needed to make a huge comeback.

That’s right. Jason Marquis is in the Hall of Fame– Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame.

On January 29th Marquis was inducted into the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame with other sports characters such as bowler Dom LaBargo, New York Yankee advance scout Charlie Wonsowicz, Advance sports columnist Jack Minogue and others. Marquis was born in Manhasset, New York and grew up in Staten Island, New York’s Arden Heights neighborhood.

If you check out the picture attached to the article, you will see Marquis wearing a Nationals road jersey on his plaque. Marquis, Nationals, immortal forever in Staten Island. Nice suit and shoes too.

Congratulations, #21.

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