The Shark Fans Heard Around The World… Or At Least D.C.

Two days ago the NQ blogged on Roger Bernadina’s mysterious nickname “The Shark” and it sparked off some behind the scenes conversations with bloggers and fans as to the origins of the fishy handle. The NQ did some simple research via the Internet and while things like Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and even Baseball-Reference (thanks to the Nats News Network for pointing that out) mention the Shark- there really wasn’t any insight as to who made it up. Did Bernadina come up with it himself? Did his agent create the fish to gain more exposure?

The Nationals Inquisition has the answer. *Que Drama Prairie Dog*

We got an e-mail yesterday from Tyler and Terry, not a couple, but a couple of diehard Nats fans who seem to have the honor that few fans get to have: actually nicknaming a player and having that player embrace the nickname until the end of time. Tyler and Terry are huge Roger Bernadina fans and are the founders of “The Shark” nick. Here is the story from the duo themselves:

My name is Terry and his name is Tyler and we are two diehard Roger Bernadina fans.  This stems from watching in person so many of his highlight reel catches.  He’s an incredible player.  The nickname started when we realized his similarities to a shark (that and we had the shark costumes)… His patrol of the outfield was the perfect metaphor, as “he hunts down fly balls like a shark going after its prey.”  We whipped together the sign with some help from MS Paint and the legend was born.

Before the game, we caught Bernadina’s attention, and with some prodding from Nyjer Morgan, he did acknowledge our sign and chants with a hand atop his head like a dorsal fin.  Throughout the game, he continued to acknowledge our cheers with the dorsal fin and as it turned out, he had an awesome game: tying the game in the 9th with his first home run at Nats Park, game saving catch in the 12th.  Albert Pujols’s 400th home run was shit compared to ‘The Shark Heard ‘Round the World.’

That is right. Pujols’ 400th was shit. GOD, I LOVE DEDICATION LIKE THIS! These are my favorite type of Nats fans and the team certainly needs more like them.

While initially, our section was bothered by us, (two assholes screaming at the top of our lungs for a 4th outfielder) but by the end of the game and especially when Bernie hit the game tying shot, there was definitely a chant of “Shark” going on. We considered giving Mike Morse the nickname Mako Morse but we thought Mako sharks were too obscure, and lets be honest, Bernadina is the man.

Now that is dedication.

I’ve seen a lot at Nats Park: donkeys, green men, Batman and Robin, Uncle Sam, Bachelor chicks, Logan Kensing– now I can add sharks to that list. Here is a blurry picture of the two sitting in shark costumes behind Yadier Molina during a game against the Cardinals:

Bernadina leaping in the MS Paint shark in the head banner is also priceless. Good job, Tyler and Terry. You do Natstown proud. If Bernadina can get into a feeding frenzy in 2011 perhaps we’ll need a bigger outfield.

And more shark costumes.

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