The Biggest News Of The Day Came Early On The Viera Line

Good morning. It has been a good morning. The only thing that would make this morning any better is Nationals box scores. I awoke early, came to headquarters in my robe, sucked back a cup of Joe and got ready to wait for the big news coming out of Viera. Shockingly, it arrived bright and early and now we can all just go back to doing our day to day routines.

Bill Ladson broke it on his Twitter: Stephen Strasburg has arrived in the clubhouse and is already in uniform. Ladson even busted out the #livinglegend tag. That sounds like some serious business right there.

Okay, story over, blog over.

Really, is there anything going to be more exciting than having Stephen Strasburg walk into your locker room? The only thing more exciting I can possibly think of is if the beat writers walked out onto the practice fields and found Mike Rizzo skeet shooting with Albert Pujols. Now that is news! But alas, even though Rizzo can more than afford the ammo, I don’t think Albert is into guns.

Strasburg will be the big story today, even though he probably won’t do any sort of hardcore workout with the team who is having their first official Catchers and Pitchers workout today. Sometime around noon he is set to address the media. But does anyone really care what he is going to say? He could just sit there for 20 minutes looking at the media like they are a bunch of ghosts and not say anything and it still would be exciting. It just feels good to have him there, injured or not. Now that is special.

That is living legend material in the make–

Damn it, Ladson!

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