So While The Nats Are Out Preparing For Disco Night…

We can speculate which one of them would look best in a fro. My money is on Tyler Clippard. That guy looks like he can party like Boogie Nights.

We are combining the past two days events due to me going through a strange, serious bout of exhaustion and dizziness yesterday probably caused by eating too much yellow mustard and using expired toilet paper. We’ve had to make some sacrifices around here lately as we prepare for our trip to Viera. We leave in seven days. It will probably be the longest week in the history of the world.

Riggleman Lowers The Boom On Alberto Gonzalez - It is no secret that infielder Alberto Gonzalez is a bit disgruntled about his role on the team. He considers himself a stud (which all players should at this level), but the team treats him like a spare tire in the trunk of a car. With other young and promising players ahead of him in the depth charts, Manager Jim Riggleman says he needs to suck it up.

“Alberto is competing for a spot on the club that’s tough to accept,” Riggleman said. “When you’re a young guy, you feel like those days of being that utility player are later in your career, not now, not early in my career. That’s what we had for Alberto last year. That’s what we would anticipate having for him this year. It’s a role he’s got to get comfortable with.”

That Riggleman. As cold as icccccccccce.

Wang More Firm – Pitcher Chien-Ming Wang threw another bullpen session yesterday and his velocity was noticeably better than when he first took to throwing on Thursday. Pudge-Rod caught Wang’s load and had this to say:

“The ball was moving a lot. He looks good to me,” Rodriguez said. “He threw a lot of strikes. His slider was breaking very nicely. His sinker was breaking nicely. It had a nice late sink. He was pretty good.”

Pudge then lit a cigarette and stared carelessly into the palm trees.

Gaudin Gets The Call - Manager Jim Riggleman continued his streak of announcing absolutely lackluster starters for opening games by naming Chad Gaudin the starter in the first exhibition game of the Spring on Feb. 28 when the Nats go against the Mets in Port St. Lucie. He has tagged Livan Hernandez as starer for Space Coast Stadium’s opener on the 29th. Last week, Riggleman named Livan Hernandez Opening Day starter to the 2011 season which immediately put everyone to sleep.

Collin Balester Is Pounding Some Pomegranate – You need to try it. It is unreal. Like mermaids.

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