Nats Get Cat Scratched By The Kittens

Lord, it was a hot one today. The Space Coast digital thermometer peaked at 76 78 80 degrees and the sun was unmerciful. My skin looks like– gator jerky and feels on fire.

It would have all been made worth it if the Nats were as equally unmerciful to the visiting Detroit Tigers, but sadly the Nats just couldn’t put anything offensively together and they fell to the Kittens 4-2. I did this game today without fellow 109 favorites The Wiz (headed for DC on business) and Rich The Mets Fan (car trouble or just tired of all the Nats winning going on this Spring). But I did meet some interesting visitors to Section NQ and perhaps even more bizarre they were Philly fans– and polite and actually really fun to have around.

Did I just say all that? I did, didn’t I? Well, I have to be honest because that is what you all pay me for. This family from Philadelphia is actually the type of fan Phillies fans should be. They were funny and had their jibes at the team, but they were ultimately not offensive, they were knowledgeable, engaging and showed a general interest in getting to know their enemy and have the record set straight. It sort of reminded me of that old Civil War story of the Yankee and Rebel soldier on two sides of the river on Christmas Day and they met each other in the middle on some rocks to trade. Billy Yank gave Johnny Reb some coffee while Johnny gave Billy some good Southern tobacco. For a few minutes they enjoyed their vices together before tipping their caps to each other and going back to their respective sides.

Except in this case I traded Nats information and told them the breaking news about Brad Lidge being sidelined while they gave me some much needed bottle water. We enjoyed our vices, together, at a baseball game before going our separate ways.

It is Spring Training, man. Beautiful things happen. Your Nationals highlights and lowlights:

– Pitcher Jason Marquis came out smoking, but sort of cooled off by the third inning when he gave up his first run of the Spring. He went five-innings, gave up three hits, issued two walks and struck out four. I know a lot of the “big media” are hyping him up right now, but I have to be honest (there it is again) I don’t think Marquis was that strong today. He came out of the gate hard and hot, but then started to throw balls. Maybe he couldn’t locate his stuff, but he walked two and that lead to the run and some unraveling on his part. The Nats need aggressive, strike-throwing, murdering Jason. They don’t need the frail, mongoloid flopping around in Crystal Lake until he drowns Jason. Friday the 13th reference! 5 points!

– Ian Desmond went 3-for-4 with an RBI. Good day at the plate. He still looks shaky in the field as he botched a double play ball and was unable to get the second out. This was unfortunate because I was about to say it looks like the Nats are getting more chances for double plays this Spring and they seem to be finishing them off with a little more efficiency. Drat, Desmond, drat.

– Lots of Tiger fans in the crowd today and generally speaking I found them more annoying than when the Yanks came to visit. They seem to have developed a sort of “Yankee Complex” and acting like they’ve actually earned the right to be knuckleheads. There was this one drunk kitty fan right behind homeplate who continually stood up to hold up a neon orange Tigers Baseball sign, handmade. I couldn’t figure out what really made him so cocky and really hoped the Nats would mount a comeback. They almost did in the ninth and surprisingly it was enough to shut him up. A positive to the Tigers fans: they bring some smoking hot women with them.

– Nyjer Morgan went 2-for-4 and had a steal today but he still managed to sour my beer. He stuck out twice and he botched two consecutive plays in center field. I understand Riggleman has named him centerfielder until further notice and Mike Rizzo is really pushing him because Morgan is one of the biggest moves Rizzo has ever made and a lot rides on it for his credibility, but it is sort of getting embarrassing.

– Jayson Werth went 0-for-4 and left four on base and that sucks. That is downright horrible. I’ve been watching his batting stance and I just can’t understand how it generates any power. He holds the bat pretty much near the butt and basically just stands there. I’m not saying change it because it has been working for him, but it is just so awkward and weird. He went for the 2-run homer Coffey gave up and smacked against the wall and just missed it. Some reports say he was down against the wall, possibly hurt, but he was simply shocked he missed it.

– Yeah, Todd Coffey had a bad day. Again, came out smoking, but broke down and gave up three runs. The 2-run shot really was helped by the wind. If there was no wind I don’t there was anyway that was going over the fence. God had it in for Coffey today.

– Ryan Zimmerman made a web gem of a stop to help double off a Tiger at first. He is ready for the season.

– Doug Slaten got out of his one inning of work only giving up one hit and having a strike out, but I consider that somewhat lucky. He was nibbling and I hate nibblers– unless I am fishing or in a kinky mood.

– The Philly Friends I made demanded I call Michael Morse “Cloneman” on the blog. They think Morse looks almost like Jayson Werth, except less hairy and Morse is hitting better. Cloneman LIVES!

– Tyler Clippard looks back on track. One inning of no hits and two strikeouts. Aggressive and got on top of batters.

– Drew Storen had a three up and three down inning in the ninth. Hopefully this is a sign the flat-brimmed hat revolution is coming around.

I am unsure of what is going on tomorrow. The NQ might make our way down to Port St. Lucie for the game against the Mets, but Rich The Met Fan has yet to update me on the status of his chariot that shall take us to his Avalon.

We’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Nats Get Cat Scratched By The Kittens

  1. Bryce Harper was half the excitement in Washington Nationals Spring Training!…Does anybody really care about these others guys named above?

    Jason WorthLESS is going to be a $127 Million Dud! Hello GM, did you ever think to consider the “Baby Crib” he played in last year?

    I consider my self an expert on this as we have our own Dud named Jason Bay. Except we only got taken for $66 million.

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