Chad Cordero Gets No Respect

In a completely bush league move that could only be described as “pulling a Jim Bowden”, the Nats GM announced on a AM Sports Radio Talk Show that Nationals closer Chad Cordero was going to be non-tendered. That is fine and dandy, but the funny thing is the announcement came almost five months early and Chad Cordero was never told this plan prior to the talk show. Nationals Journal:

Before Bowden revealed the team’s intentions (during an AM sports talk interview) to non-tender the closer come December, the GM had not spoken about the move to Cordero or his agent, Larry Reynolds. “My dad called me,” Cordero said, explaining how he received the news. “He had received a phone call from a friend who heard on the radio. My dad got the call, and then he called me and told me. That’s how I found out. Bowden never once made contact with myself or my agent before he announced it on the radio.”

Now both Larry Reynolds and Cordero are a bit crossed at being disrespected and put out of the loop. The injured reliever is not surprised that he was going to be non-tendered, he is just surprised at the complete lack of respect and the way he found out about it.

Cordero said, “I knew this was probably going to happen. For me, that’s not the issue. The issue is how it went down. Five months away [from the non-tender deadline], only two weeks after I had surgery, that’s what made this upsetting… Right now, I’m just upset at how it’s all been handled. We couldn’t get a call before, but I understand it’s part of baseball. I’m just upset that we weren’t informed… It makes me kind of sad in a way. It’s a little disrespectful.”

Good one, JimBo. Show that class. Bare the Nat’s ass to the world and show why no self-respecting, good MLB player wants to come and stay in DC. It’s horrid business and communication practices such as this. Felipe Lopez mentioned weeks ago the communication on the team sucks. Now, this little stunt is adding some vindication to Lopez’s statements.

Cordero, if your reading the NQ right now, forgive JimBo. Leatherpants does not know what he does.

Seriously, how would JimBo feel if one day his hot girlfriend went on a radio show and announced that JimBo will prematurely ejaculate, five months before they actually got in the sack together and JimBo only found out from a call from his father?

He hopefully would call it embarrassing. The NQ would call it news.

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