According To Topps, Jayson Werth Is Still A Phillie Under The Photoshop

The Topps 2011 Team Set Baseball Cards are out for sale. They had the Nats packs at Space Coast Stadium so I picked one up for $10. The set includes 17 cards whose roster is:

  1. Jayson Werth
  2. Ryan Zimmerman
  3. Jordan Zimmermann
  4. Ivan Rodriguez
  5. John Lannon (I did not misspell that. That is how it is spelled on the back of the pack, fortunately not on the card.)
  6. Tyler Clippard
  7. Roger Bernadina
  8. Ian Desmond
  9. Livan Hernandez
  10. Stephen Strasburg
  11. Danny Espinosa
  12. Jason Marquis
  13. Adam LaRoche
  14. Nyjer Morgan
  15. Michael Morse
  16. Drew Storen
  17. Nationals Park

The card front and center is Jayson Werth in Nationals home whites. Everyone who buys the pack will see Werth first which is understandable because he was the biggest acquisition of the off season (and it is a selling point to the masses who are in love with Jayson Werth no matter what team he is on).

But taking a closer glance at the card you start to see some inconsistencies. First, he isn’t at a Spring Training stadium so how he played in Nationals uniform in that situation is unknown. Then you notice a blurred out Atlanta Braves player sitting in the dugout to his left in his home whites. Teams would not be playing each other in home colors. Then you look at Werth’s Nats uniform itself and it is really there you notice it is a complete Photoshop job. The logos look a little off, the Curly W on the helmet is way too big, the “white” is actually grey, Werth’s gloves have that craptastic Phillies wine color as does his shoes and if this was really the Nationals new home jersey, then where are the two red lines going down the front of the jersey shoulder to belt?

Nice try, Topps. The card is a fraud. Some searching online and you can easily find the same card as it originally was– Werth as a Phillies player.

This isn’t the first time Topps has cashed in on a player that gave them the slip and signed with another team or they just couldn’t get a picture in time and nor is it the only example in the 2011 Nationals team set. They did a fantastically bad job on the Adam LaRoche card who is obviously still in a Arizona Diamondbacks uniform, but with Washington Photoshopped across his chest.

Every one of the cards except for the Werth card, Espinosa and Storen cards have the players in their road uniforms. Espinosa and Storen are the only two that were taken sometime during some Spring as you can see they are at Space Coast Stadium– unless they Photoshopped that too.

Who knows anymore. The Internet is so confusing.

4 thoughts on “According To Topps, Jayson Werth Is Still A Phillie Under The Photoshop

  1. After watching that stiff play all Spring Training Nat fans are probably wishing he still was a Philly.

    I think you will see he will not be the same player in a Nationals uniform. His homerun production will be way down. I can hit a home run in that “Bandbox” the Phillies play in!

    He does not have the same protection in the Nats lineup as he had in Philly. I hate to say it but your gonna have a seven year flop.

    You got hosed big time with this LOSER….Jason WerthLESS

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  3. ^Really? A met fan? Bashing this after you gave those ridiculous contracts to the likes of Jayson Bay, Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, etc? Thats pretty dumb..have fun losing

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