Welcome John Lannon To The Nats

I am getting the overall impression the Nationals are going to be a little more gung-ho this season trying to sell themselves as this epically, terrific, energetic, defensive mega-monster even though the results might not show it and half the time it makes no sense, but you know, good for them. They should. They need to put butts in the seats and breed any sort of excitement they can.


Misspelling the name of your own third starter and a fan favorite on Opening Day during introductions is sort of detrimental to such PR plans and exposes the illusion.

That could just be my opinion though.

(*Special thanks to a couple of big Nats fans for pointing this bloop out)

One thought on “Welcome John Lannon To The Nats

  1. Well at least you don’t have to worry about spelling “Nationals” on the front. They got the “Walgreens” W right!

    Are you guys missing an outfielder by the name of Willie Harris? If you heard of him he is batting .400, 4 hits, HR & double, 4 RBI, walk $ stolen base!

    Got Pitching?

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