Nats Soil R.A.’s Dickey And Mets Home Opener

There used to be this excellent animated show on Comedy Central called The Critic. In my mind it was the prototype for true edgy animated TV comedies like Family Guy and American Dad. In one episode there was a particular scene where these kids started beating the crap out of this poor, proper, tea cozy British exchange student dressed like a peacock. Before this group of ultra-aggressive teens pummeled him, poor little John Thomas screamed out, “Oooooh, you soiled my dickey!”

Dickey. *muffled snickering* That could mean penis, but it doesn’t which is the brilliance of the joke. A “dickey” is THIS.

I’ve always wanted to use “soil my dickey” in some way on this blog and thanks to the Nationals, tonight I can knock it off my bucket list. The Nationals soiled pitcher R.A. Dickey’s dickey and the New York Mets home opener by defeating them this afternoon by the convincing score of 6-2. I guess if you can’t win your own Opener you go win someone else’s.

Somewhere in Florida Rich The Mets Fan is crying tonight…

Jordan Zimmermann pitched five-innings of six hit, two run ball and Tyler Clippard turned in a masterful performance in relief to stifle the Mets offense. Zimmermann helped his own cause by hitting a 2-RBI single and Pudge, despite hitting into double plays at the worst possible times and getting tagged out going to third, came away with 2-RBIs himself. Michael Morse finally got a hit and Rick Ankiel went 3-for-4. Not a bad day offensively although it was a pretty tight well fought game until the 8th. The bullpen slammed the door. Not a bad game at all.

I think it is terrific Pudge-Rod finally busted out of his tortoise shell and contributed something with the bat, but I still am convinced the Nats are doing the right thing giving Wilson Ramos more playing time sooner than later. I know Pudge is chasing his 3,000th hit and all, but that quest might turn him into Ahab sooner or later. If the crew follows that white whale, then they will be dragged down with him.

Dickey. I can’t believe I actually used that word. I know R.A. Dickey knows what I am talking about. I hear he is quite the intellectual.

One thought on “Nats Soil R.A.’s Dickey And Mets Home Opener

  1. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut!..I don’t like that the Mets lied and said the game was sold out!..It was NOT. 41,075 Att. – 41,800 capacity!

    Dingernat….you have just witnessed what I was saying all Spring Training…This is what we have to look forward to…”THE BATTLE FOR THE BASEMENT”…There should be some kind of trophyt given out!

    You win game 1…0-10 with runners in scoring position and 9 walks!…Geesh!

    I would rather have a root canal than watch both teams #5 starters tonight! You would have to be a “Nut Job” to be there for a 7PM start tonight.

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