Nationals Meatloaf Is Being Tossed On Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter I suggest you get one right now so you can follow the Nats NQ AND the complete laughfest that is going on between the Washington Nationals, Stephen Strasburg, Rob Dibble and Stan Kasten currently.

The quick and basic story is last year color man Rob Dibble got fired (although he apparently continues to allow bloggers like me to “get it wrong” on purpose) for telling Stephen Strasburg to “suck it up” after an injury which ended up him needing Tommy John surgery. Kind of hard to suck that up. Dibble has stayed quiet for six months, but finally broke the silence on a sports show and basically said he was fired because Strasburg’s father e-mailed the Lerners and bitched. Stephen Strasburg went on his Twitter the other night and said his father doesn’t have the Lerner’s e-mail address. These points are well documented on the D.C. Sports Bog. However, tonight the floodgates of madness burst open when former team president Stan Kasten said Dibble’s comments and reasons were “fictional” and “sad.” Dibble would not take this well and did what any manly-man would do: he jumped on Twitter and started a fight:

So we went from meatloaf to filth to quoting Mark Twain– does he mean like an actual loaf of meat or the bat crap out of Hell crazy Rocky Horror singer? You know what, who cares.

This night is going to be incredible!

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