Livo Has An Impressive Man Purse Collection

The newest rage in hip-hop music and sports are man-bags because everyone knows how important it is to look cool carrying your jock, guns or vices 20 feet from the parking lot to the arena doors. It seems the hottest man-bag designer right now is custom gator Louis Stewart Bags.

Here is a video of Nationals starter Livan Hernandez showing off his own impressive collection of Louis Stewart man-purses– to Louis Stewart. He claims he is the first baseball player to use them. Then there is this Nyjer Morgan video of weirdness with the same sort of bag. Whoever is filming this video nearly craps himself when Nyjer attempts to put the bag down in the parking lot.

I don’t see what is so special. Why not just go to OfficeMax during Back-To-School and get a $15 Jansport backpack and print out a name tag on your printer and tape it to the inside of the bag? That would save you a lot of time and money. I might be out of touch though. It has been forever since I’ve been in the studio to drop some phat beats and wordplay.

Man purses. Sorry. I just don’t get it. Former Nationals outfielder, wanna-be rap artist and notorious criminal Elijah Dukes apparently “got” the purpose of man-purses. Looking at Livo’s collection it continues to make you wonder what could be in those bags.

Probably a collection of Cuban sandwiches, Twinkies and Spongebob Squarepants DVDs.

UPDATE: A faithful reader informed me that this story has already appeared on ANOTHER NATIONALS BLOG. Well, blow me down. Sorry. I’ve been in the Florida wilderness for a month. Have been playing catch up on certain news stories. Consider yourselves double blessed.

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