Your Nationals Dispatch: Remembering The Rough Rider Edition

I thought today was going to be a good day. I was ready to jump on the blog and blog Nats, today is my first day on the job at SBNationDC and will have my first article drop sometime this morning and last night I had a Q&A session with a Philadelphia Phillies blog called That Balls Outta Here where we goofed off and talked some Nats baseball. That should hit the Internet sometime today as well. It has been productive around the NQ lately and I like production out of both my blog and my baseball team.

But the morning has been officially ruined.

I have been catching up with older news stories that I might have missed while the NQ was in Florida and this morning I was informed that Teddy’s Barbeque is no longer running at Nats Park and what is worse Teddy’s Rough Rider, a slab of pure Brontosaurus rib meat doused in BBQ sauce, is no more. It is an absolute travesty. The Rough Rider was like a Nats Park staple. A Rough Rider ordered with a side of grilled corn was the best ballpark food for the taste and price. Period. It also got the chicks talking. Chicks love guys with good meat. I once bought a rough rider, sat down in my seat to eat and must have had at least three or four women approach me, amazed at the size of my Rider and its magnificence.  I met a lot of great people and had a lot of great conversations that started with that huge ass rib. The Rough Rider was just made of legend.

Seriously, I am in mourning. I can’t really function knowing it is over. Pudge knows what I am talking about. He probably packed a couple RRs away in his time in D.C. Look at him throw up the one-finger salute to its memory. That a boy, Pudge. I don’t care what they say about you. You are alright in my book. I wish I had a Rough Rider right now as we go into–

Your Nationals Dispatch.

The Nats Win The Weekend – The Nationals won their first series of 2011 against the New York Mets yesterday. The two teams split the weekend, the Mets nailing the Nats 8-4 on Saturday and then the Nationals returning the favor Sunday by rallying and shocking the Madoff Metropolitans 7-3. The Nationals also beat the Mets on Friday which, if simple math doesn’t fail me, means the Nationals took the series. Heroes last night: Pudge Rodriguez with the go-ahead run, Laynce Nix with a three-run bomb and the whole Nationals pitching corps for combining for 17 strikeouts.

If the Nationals turned into ballpark food this past weekend then they turned into a rack of Rough Riders. Oh, RR! *sob*

No Line-Up Love Without Wearing A Zimmerman – All-Star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman sat out yesterday’s game with a strained abdominal muscle and the prognosis doesn’t sound too uplifting. “Don’t know,” Zimmerman answered when asked how worried he was about the injury. Zimmerman aggravated the muscle Saturday night sliding headfirst into second base. His absence from the line-up coupled with first baseman Adam LaRoche’s absence (shoulder, groin) makes the Nats infield– susceptible.

Zimmermanless line-ups absolutely terrify me. When I don’t see #11’s name in the Nats line-up I tend to throw a sheet over my head, grab a flashlight and watch the game from the fort I built in the middle of my living room out of couch cushions.

The SBNationDC Article Just Posted – Okay, here is the first article I have written for SBNationDC. It just posted as I was writing this. Check it out if you are interested in a wacky-jacky fan perspective of the most dreaded of baseball miscues– and the Nats have already had a couple this season.

I’m still learning the ropes over on SB and gauging what works there and what doesn’t so the article is a little wacky-jacky; heavy on the mystique a bit light on concrete baseball wisdom, but I think it is a good first piece coming right out of the gate.

And that is Your Nationals Dispatch.

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  1. Ok Dingernat, you got us good this weekend! I can’t believe we are as bad as the Nats but it sure looks that way.

    I guess the “Battle for the Basement” we were talking about in spring training is on.

    Congrats on your fist post on your new gig!

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