There Seems To Be A Mossy Oak Epidemic In The Nats Locker Room

Strange style is afoot in the Washington Nationals locker room. It seems the team is either trying to be invisible or about to embark on a mission of poaching.

Post-game on Tuesday night, outfielder/first baseman Michael Morse showed up (or at least his head, I can’t see his body for some reason) to do an on-air interview in an Under Armour Mossy Oak shirt. Strange enough, the night before right fielder Jayson Werth did the same and seemed to be in a rush to get away from the microphones and to his deer stand. Then, of course, who can forget the infamous Ryan Zimmerman standing with Charlie Sheen photo with Zimmerman in a Mossy Oak cut-off sleeve?

Absolutely baffling. I am not one to ever shoot down the powers of the Mossy Oak, but I have to admit it is strange so many in the Nationals locker room are embracing this woody-type of style. It would be one thing if it was only Adam LaRoche, but three other players? Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann is also a confessed deer hunter so you know he has at least a Mossy Oak jock somewhere. Man, what I would give to go to deer camp with the Nats! What a story!

Maybe, finally, we’ll get the Mossy Oak Curly-W hat we have all be craving and dreaming about.

Don’t lie, you know you want it.

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