Mike Rizzo Is Wanted In Connection With Putting Together A Crappy Team

The Washington Nationals were swept by the New York Mets in a two-game mid-week series that saw the Nats lose both games 1-0, leave the Big Apple without scoring any runs and plummeting them back into the NL East cellar.

And before Mets fans (and a certain special Mets fan that visits this blog) get cocky, the Nationals were also screwed over by one of the worst umpiring botch jobs in recent memory and New York fans know that too. I’ll let Bill Ladson put the controversial play into words for me because frankly I am feeling a bit lax after some Jack Daniels. Hey, it is the end of the world tomorrow. Might as well indulge.

“… the controversial play at first base in the ninth inning, when Jayson Werth was called out at first base. Werth hit a smash to third baseman Justin Turner, who made a backhanded play and threw the ball to first baseman Daniel Murphy. Werth clearly beat the throw and Murphy’s foot was not on the bag. However, first-base umpire Phil Cuzzi called Werth out. Manager Jim Riggleman and Werth argued the call.”

That is kind of boring. It’s not like the Nats haven’t been victims of screw jobs before so it is a waste posting it– as long as there isn’t something else to the story. Is there? There is!

It seems that after the game not only did catcher Ivan Rodriguez have to be restrained from getting in the faces of the umpiring crew, but it also seems that Nationals GM Mike Rizzo somehow entered the conflict. He too had words with the umpiring crew and whatever was said must have pissed them off royally because now Mets security and the MLB are looking for a bald guy in a suit to question him about the whole affair:

Immediately after the game, one of the umpires told Mets security guards outside their dressing room to “find the guy in the suit,” apparently referring to Rizzo. Mets security VP Rob Kasdon arrived a few minutes later armed with a Nationals media guide to pore over headshots to identify Rizzo, sources said.

Only the Mets would be so mind-numbingly ridiculous to go running around looking for a media guide to produce head shots of the perp. Fortunately, the NQ satellite caught footage of the man in question and have posted it above.

My God this all sounds so stupid, but I really would love to know what Rizzo said to get the umps fearing for their lives. Rizzo has already spoken to Major League Baseball’s vice president of on-field operation Joe Torre about the incident and is leaving it in his hands. Rizzo has no comment on the matter except the conversations with the umpires had nothing to do with the play on the field…. Oh, come on. Everyone knows that is a lie. What, Rizzo? Did you just happen down on the field right after the game to invite Phil Cuzzi to a game of putt-putt golf? I can’t even fathom it. I can’t picture him doing anything but going down there to deliver a piece of his mind.

And why not? Rizzo’s multi-man mutant baby put together 18-innings of scoreless NY baseball and made him look completely off his nut. The Nationals team that he created was on the ropes and with no cavalry arriving anytime soon, it was only a matter of time before the volcano blew from the pressure. I guess I would want to vent to someone, anyone too. And that is what this is: misused and misdirected anger. The issue is not the blown call. The Nats should have produced runs so they wouldn’t be put in such a position as to have some hack ump make such a terrifically horrific call. The issue isn’t even the umpires.

The problem is what the problem has always been: the Washington Nationals.

The fans are pissed, the team is utterly confused, the coach has no ideas on what to do and the GM can’t reign in his own creation and is lashing out…

Just another night in Natstown.

2 thoughts on “Mike Rizzo Is Wanted In Connection With Putting Together A Crappy Team

  1. Hey Dungnat!…Quit youw whinning!…Yes that was horrible call, but the “Nots” are about 20 horrible calls away from being good!

    When they left spring training you thought it eas the pitching that was suspect, but to get “Shutout Swept” by the METS?….How low can you go?

    I smell another manager change coming up!… How did that work for you?…See Clevland Indians and Manny Acta…remember him?

    Have you considered contraction?…Oh I have a better idea, lets move our spring training facility!…Thats the ticket!

    Get used to the basement- It feels like home again!

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