Jayson Werth Is A Werewolf Of Mystery

The Nationals got completely savaged and swept out of Milwaukee this afternoon. It was actually a pretty good fight as crappy baseball games go. The Nationals kept trying to come back, but the Brewers always seemed to come up with the answers and the Nationals eventually lost 6-4. The series and the whole road trip was a horrible catastrophe. 1-7 on the current road trip isn’t going to help sell tickets to the next home stand at Nationals Park which is against the San Diego Padres.

I sensed in the air as the final outs were made that something special was going to happen post game. I felt that some chair throwing might happen or the players would completely trash the visitor’s locker room in misdirected anger before getting on the bus to the airport. No such luck, but we did get right fielder Jayson Werth who delivered some absolutely cryptic post-game comments:

“I’ve got some ideas, obviously, and some thoughts, none I really want to share with the world,” Werth said. “But I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on right here. … I’m not going to get into it right now. It is what it is. It’s unfortunate. We’re a way better ballclub.”

Great, Werth. Way to leave us hanging. It feels like he took pictures of two sasquatch mating in Jason Simontacchi Nats jerseys and he isn’t showing us the pictures. Now, I am supposed to sit here and chew my nails mumbling, “What can it be? What can it be? Oh God, why can’t he tell me?!”  I’m sure the mystery will be so huge they’ll do a huge LeBron-like revealing like “The Decision” but call it something like “The Shave.” That’s it! I know exactly where Werth is hiding the clues to unlock this mystery! It is under his beard!

Who needs the head piece to the staff of Ra? I’m that damn good.

In Brief Relief–

Manny Acta Predicted The Rapture – Not really, but close. Apparently he called the Cleveland Indians success during Spring Training and this article attempts to make a big deal of his wizardry and dark powers. We say it is just a whole load of bollocks. Was Acta supposed to say, “You know, I think we’ll suck this season…”? What manager doesn’t predict success for their club in Spring Training? Jim Riggl– oh.

The NQ Wants Chris Marrero And Then Gets Burned – What is this? My third or fourth MASN article this week? I talk about the Nats calling up Chris Marrero and then Sue Dinem from Nationalsprospects.com completely burns me. Well played, Sue, well played– but I still want to see Marrero.

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