A Photo Of The Nationals Spongebob Fail

Plenty of FAIL took place Sunday at Nationals Park in the Nats 10-2 loss to the Pirates, but none was more failtastic than Spongebob Squarepants not being able to get up on the dugout and then needing help maneuvering to just get back up the aisle.

Graciously pointed out by our hairy friend @JWerthsBeard, here is a picture of Mr. Squarepants getting helped back up the aisle as he was too big and unusually shaped to get up the narrow stairs himself. Dora the Explorer seems to be helping him too. Squarepants also tried to get up on top of the Nationals dugout to perform a Bikini Bottom Grind, but he couldn’t get his mass of sponge up there. Five people tried to hoist him up to no avail.

Spongebob and Dora were at Nationals Park on Sunday as part of Nickelodeon Day. What Nickelodeon has to do with baseball, I am not sure, but I do miss that Pinwheel show, You Can’t Do That On Television and, of course, Double Dare.

(Credit also goes to Mark Zuckerman who tweeted about the incident during the game.)

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