Harrisburg Harper And The Senators

You like that post title? I do. It sounds like the name of some reggae band or something from back in the day.

I’m sure you already know, but I’m going to repeat it anyways to make this blog look more official and cool: Nationals phenom Bryce Harper was called up from Low-A Hagerstown to Double-A Harrisburg this morning, by-passing Single-A Potomac which I am sure made Uncle Slam turn blue with envy.

Harper made his debut with the Senators Monday night against the Erie Seawolves (what is a Seawolf?) and went 2-for-3 with two singles and a walk in a sold out game. Beautiful, just beautiful. Gaining his baseball independence from the wilderness of Hagerstown on the Fourth of July. Oh, Mikey Rizzo, you silly. The symbolism and dramatic effect of it all is not lost on us or the fans. You ringmaster of delight.

I kind of wish Harper did make a brief stop in Potomac. I love the Potomac Nationals and they are close to the NoVA branch of NQ operations so it would have been fun to make a skip and a jump over to the Pfitz for a game or two. Some argue that the Nats didn’t want Harper there because of the field conditions, but that is bull. This kid is just so close to ready. He needs a challenge and perhaps he’ll find it in Harrisburg. Probably not. Putting Harper in with the Double-A boys might be like throwing a python into a cage with a bunch of mice with little shields and toothpick swords taped to them. Would you not be entertained?

The Harrisburg Senators will be playing the Richmond Flying Squirrels in Richmond this weekend and in my excitement I ordered tickets to the Saturday game of the series. Got tix right behind the dugout in hopes of seeing Harper, but one of our loyal readers pointed out (and dropped a deuce on our excitement) that Harper will probably be taking part in the Futures Game in Arizona this weekend. Maybe he will be there on Saturday, maybe not. What the hell– the NQ will still be there. We haven’t covered a Harrisburg game yet and playing a team called the Flying Squirrels with the special pre-game guest being a cowboy monkey riding a dog?

Cripes, my Saturday night is set. What will you be doing?

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