Michael Morse Will Not Be President Of The All-Star Game

Well, it is over. It is all over.

The results of the “Final Vote” for the final All-Star roster spot are in and in a shocking twist– Shane Victorino from the Philadelphia Phillies won it for the NL. Actually, it wasn’t much of a surprise, it was expected considering every bandwagon fan and frat boy across the Nation was being predicted to stuff the hell out of the ballot box for that joker. Really? An injured Victorino an All-Star? Only in America. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The All-Star Game is one gigantic circus sideshow anyway.

What was shocking was a Washington National actually made the Final Vote ballot and even though he didn’t win and he’ll be hitting the links with the rest of the Nats (except Tyler Clippard who actually will be attending the All-Star Game as a participant), first baseman Michael Morse should be proud. Alas, a huge Twitter campaign to #VoteMorse and an over-expensive, tacky t-shirt no one in their right mind over the age of 20 would be caught wearing weren’t enough to get Morse past fourth place in the overall voting, but hey: a Washington National was considered.

That is a helluva lot better than in past years where they were straight ignored.

However, as one Nationals dreams of All-Star greatness are crushed to a pulp, another one’s dreams are being toyed with– again. Nationals rookie second baseman Danny Espinosa was sort of considered an All-Star snub, but with New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes (voted in) going on the DL, there might be a chance, however slim, for him to sneak in. Jerry Hairston Jr. leads the charge:

“Sixteen and 50 for a second baseman,” Hairston said, referring to Espinosa’s home run and RBI totals. “That’s an all-star. Write it down.”

No problem, Hairston. We just did.


–In Brief Relief

Speaking of @DannyEspinosa18 — Danny Espinosa has joined Twitter. Twitter him.

The Yanks and Nats Might BURNett One — Various reports are saying the New York Yankees might actually have interest in Nationals reliever Sean Burnett… yeah, we think so too. How could it?

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