The Nationals Journal reports that Nationals phenom and baseball deity Stephen Strasburg pitched in a simulated game Monday afternoon and everything went quite well. So well, in fact, there is a rumbling that Strasburg could possibly pitch. In a game. A Major League game. With the Nationals. In September. 2011.

I’ll wait a bit while I allow you to clean out your shorts and wipe off your mouth.

Getting the flow of the game again after Tommy John surgery, Strasburg threw his array of pitches to live batters in the sim game at the Nationals Spring Training facility in Viera, FL. The velocity of his fastball is being kept under wraps, but it has been called “good” with one report saying Strasburg went all out in a side session at least once. More simulated games are to follow as well as live batting practice before rehab starts and maybe, possibly, eventually starts with the Nats in mid-September.

That would be PHENOMenal and would be a huge late year boost to the team and fans– but…..

Is it a good idea? It almost seems foolish to even attempt. It doesn’t seem general manager Mike Rizzo’s style to be so quick and aggressive with a player so valuable to the Nationals future, especially coming off such an injury. I’d prefer No. 37 to be locked and loaded for 2012. Keep in mind this could be garnish from Kilgore himself to sell more story and blog. It doesn’t look like Rizzo or anyone in the organization was actually quoted on that part of the article. That would be tricksty.

Tricksty, journalist. Mean, journalist. Bad, bad!


  1. I am going to Viera tomorrow to watch a Gulf Coast game there. Is there anything you want me to tell him?

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