Werth Finds Stroke, Nats Find Meaning Of The Word “Pathetic”

So do you want the good news or bad news first?

Let’s start with the good because it might take the edge off the burning rage I am feeling over last night’s game. Judging by the message boards and social media outlets, a good majority of you felt or still are feeling the same. Right fielder Jayson Werth has been suffering from a huge case of “SUCK” and has been bogged down in an over month long slump that has caused some D.C. boozeries to sell spuds at Werth’s batting average. Well, yesterday against the Houston Astros it seems Werth might have broken out of his funk. Werth went 3-for-5 with two doubles and a two-run homerun. Everyone is excited.

Especially Wilson Ramos and Michael Morse. From the photo in the banner pic Ramos looks giddy as a schoolgirl and Morse– slaps Werth on the ass.

Really excited, I guess.

But the excitement is lost in the results of the game: the Nationals lost in the 11th inning 3-2 after reliever Todd Coffey blew it again. Lost. To the team with the worst record in baseball. There is one word that defines that: pathetic. And just when you thought the Nationals knew the true meaning of the word, they go and give it a whole new definition. I’m not sure what angers me so much about losing this game and losing this particular series. It happens. Teams lose and lose to even bigger losers than themselves all the time, but with the Nationals it hurts just a little more.

Perhaps it is because for the first time in recent memory, baseball in D.C. almost sort of matters this late in the season. July. The past few years the season was over in April or May. Perhaps it is because the Nationals might finally be on the rise and this Houston series is a speed bump that annoyingly bottoms out the car. To lose to the worst team in baseball is just yet another step back when the team looks like it should be moving forward. Really, they should have completely wailed on the Astros. Jordan Lyles, J.A. Happ, Brett Myers… come on.

I’ve about had it with Livan Hernandez. He sucked the big one early in the game giving up two runs early and putting the Nats in an early hole and as he usually does, he settled down to pitch the rest of the game and send nostalgic Nationals fans into a tizzy complementing him and saying what a great game he pitched. Bullshit. Hernandez is getting worse and worse every time out and while some might argue that he gave up just two runs early and pitched like Cy Picasso Jesus Young the rest of the game, putting your team in an early hole is never good for morale. It is never good to have your team have to battle right out of the gate for runs. It was just two runs, but on a team that has trouble hitting and has inconsistent hitting that is equal to pretty much a death sentence. On any other team (except maybe Houston) Hernandez could get away with giving up early runs. On the Nats, he just doesn’t fit the mold.

The Houston series loss sucks on so many levels and it hurts considering the once distant last place in the NL East Florida Marlins are now just one game back from, you guessed it: the Nationals. The team is an absolute mess, more than their record would indicate and a lot more work has to be done. Of course, majority of us have known this.

I’m sorry. I am just rambling. I have a lot on my mind which I will post here in a bit, but I have to find the words to say it. Until then let’s talk about how the Potomac Nationals and the GM Mike Rizzo are beginning to get into a girly, slappy fight.

Those are always fun.

– In Brief Relief

The P-Nats Strike Back – Some of the heads of the Nationals Single-A Potomac Nationals affiliate are a little cross with Nationals GM Mike Rizzo. After Rizzo made some statements pertaining to the safety and complete crappiness of the P-Nats field in Woodbridge, VA, Potomac owner Art Sibler and the chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors fired back at Rizzo saying Rizzo had no idea what he was talking about and maybe Rizzo should “focus on doing his job, which could probably use some improvement.”

Rizzo will probably fire back with Sibler is old and ugly and the County Chair is a poo-poo head. I got dibs on sitting on the monkey bars at recess. That will be the best place to view this fight when it happens.

Chad Gaudin Has Been Released – I’m feeling better already!

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