Nationals Drop A Deuce (Of Walk-Offs) On Phillies And Their Horde

The Nationals Inquisition is back online after a week’s vacation in the Ozarks, a much needed vacation where I did little to nothing on the blog or any activities related to baseball. Basically I just sat by the pool drinking Coors Light, eating Grandpa’s potato salad and keeping tabs on Razorback football. It was pretty damn relaxing and I feel refreshed and ready for the final stretch of this 2011 season on the blog with you.

I also took the time during my break to catch up on episodes of The Office so when I came back into headquarters for the first time in over a week this morning and read about the Nationals weekend series against the Philadelphia Phillies and how they walked-off on the division champs chumps not once, but twice it was only natural this scene came to mind:

Yep, the Nationals dropped two big ones on Philly and while there were many “iconicimages and bizarre scenes that came from this series, my favorite has to be the one above of the Nationals fan going ape and pointing to the exits for the Philly rabble to “Go” and just get out while two Philly sorority bumpkins stand on the left wondering where the closest beer pong table is and a Phillies guy in the bottom right corner just sitting there silent, pondering the meaning of the universe and how he is going to get back to the most toxic city in America.

Beautiful, just beautiful. They came by the thousands, bus loaded loud and obnoxious over miles of highway, and spent massive amounts of money in the stadium and D.C. streets just to see their team lose. I guess you have to somewhat applaud that commitment, as weak as we all know it is.

“Welcome to Nationals Park, bitches!”

Indeed. Many came looking to conquer and declare a new “Citizens Bank South” but they left dejected and rejected from Nationals Park in Washington D.C. Try as they might, they could not take that hill. Chamberlain would have been proud. To be completely honest, this series could have gone all wrong. Twice in key points of two games (the ones they won) the Nationals were down and out and if it wasn’t for divine luck (and bad Phillies pitching) this could have easily have been a sweep the other way and a very dark beginning of the week for Washington.

But it didn’t happen that way.

The Nationals gave them the bayonets. They defended the house. They did what they needed to do. For that, Natstown has to be proud. As dominant as the Phillies are, as foregone a conclusion of them going to the playoffs is, the one thing those jokers can’t say is they came into D.C. in 2011 and claimed this land as theirs. There are quite a few other teams that haven’t been able to say the same thing.

The only thing I didn’t like from the Nationals this weekend was a couple of WAHHHHHmbulance quotes from Michael Morse and John Lannan:

“Their fans are unbelievable. You’ve got to get used to it. Hopefully, someday those crowds will be cheering for us,” Lannan said.

“They’re cheering for the other team and you wish they were cheering for you,” Michael Morse said.

Suck it up. Please. Plenty of people want to cheer for the Nationals, they just need to give the fans something to cheer about and that falls on players like Morse and Lannan. Honestly, has there been that much to cheer about the past couple seasons? The whole “Philly Invasion” angle has been played out and has become boring. So what if they come into the Park cheering as long as they leave silent? Give us something to cheer, Nats!

This weekend, they did.

They dropped a deuce on Philadelphia. And it was nasty.

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