Nyjer Morgan Is Being A Jackass Again, Karma Sharpens Claws

So Nyjer “Phoney Plush” Morgan, former National, current Milwaukee Brewer is being a jackass. Again. Yeah, what is really new here? Morgan’s high school antics have become commonplace like the sun rising or Tuesday coming after Monday and the only reason they are happening currently at the rate that they are is because he is on a playoff team that is still in it and it he thinks that gives him and his megalomania a pass to say and do whatever he wants.

And what is the latest?

Writer Dave Sheinin sat down with the troubled former Nationals outfielder and got the goods on last March’s confrontation between Morgan and Nationals $126 million dollar outfielder Jayson Werth. Two weeks into Werth’s tenure as a National, he supposedly got into a dispute with Morgan after he saw Morgan half-assing Spring Training drills. Words were exchanged and the situation almost degenerated into physical blows before the two were pulled apart. A couple days later Morgan was shipped to Milwaukee and Werth turned his attention to the losing culture of the President Races.

Morgan confirms this all happened, but in a parting shot, he had this to say about the now semi-grizzled Nationals outfielder:

“Even in my worst year [in 2010], I hit .253,” Morgan said. “What did [Werth] hit?”

The answer to that rhetorical question, of course, is that Werth hit .232 in 2011.

Okay, Morgan. Just keep talking. Do you even know where you are? You are comparing yourself to a guy who has won a World Series and by all accounts is a much better player and you are– a guy who pretends to have a split personality and poops in Gatorade bottles.  Comparing Werth’s Patron to Morgan’s Chupacabra piss is ridiculous. The sad thing about it all is Morgan is getting in over his head because we all know (especially Pittsburgh and Washington fans) Morgan wouldn’t be saying jack sh*t if he wasn’t in the postseason.

I don’t but I really do want to hear a retort from Werth in some fashion. I really wonder how he would respond. Admittedly, he himself is a prima donna in his own right and all it would turn into is one great, big drama, but I’d be lying if I wouldn’t love to see these guys kidnapped out of their beds one night, blindfolded, taken to a remote location and thrown into a pit together so they could duke it out bloodsport style.

However, if you hear two blades being sharpened together that is karma and karma loves screwing with guys like Phoney Plush and Pee-Pee is ripe for a screwing.

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