People Do Nats For Halloween Or Just In Their Spare Time – UPDATED

It is Halloween so that means candy, ghouls and the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. For some it also means paying homage to one’s favorite baseball players and residents of Natstown are no exception. Here are a few people who braved the hordes of zombies, pirates and Justin Bieber clones in Curly W theme. Our banner pic comes from @DragBallwRamos who goes for the Jayson Werth look, a popular style this season we hear.

If Jayson Werth and Super Mario had a lovechild and that lovechild let themselves go a bit, then we might have @TurtleZoot‘s contribution.

Stephen Strasburg. Alright, no, not really. This isn’t a true Halloween costume for No. 37 but you know someone out there is thinking it and saving it for next year.

Feeling Teddyish? @Brianjh is.

Here are two leftovers from the NQ’s own photo shoot for the Werewerth photos.

@paperbkwryter donned the goggles and went all Tyler Clippard on everyone– and we totally appreciate it!

If we find anymore we’ll post them. If you want to send in your own:

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