One Time, In Baseball Camp, This Kid Hit A Home Run Off Drew Storen

Here is a video of a young whipper-snapper at a baseball camp in southwestern Hamilton County, Indiana living the dream and hitting an inside-the-gym home run off a Major League Baseball player. In this case, Washington Nationals closer Drew Storen.

Storen took part in a baseball camp held at Carmel High School looking very homely on Thursday. Storen did a little coaching, tossed to some future batters of America and took photos and signed autographs. Here is a slideshow of pictures from the event, including Storen signing items with Chris Truby, the current manager of the Lakewood Blueclaws which is a Minor League team for the Philadelphia Phillies. BOOOOOO!

This is probably the greatest day of this kid’s life. Honestly. It will probably not get better than this. Forget graduation. Forget marriage. Forget kids. Nope, not even sex. Hitting a home run off a MLB player is the best form of sexual abstinence ever.

Way to go, Owen.

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