Could the Nationals Throw in With the Mets During Spring Training?

This little tip off came from Rich The Mets Fan down in Florida…

The New York Mets are in a mad rush to put the finishing touches on some upgrades to their Spring Training facility, Digital Domain Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Seat upgrades are being added, concrete is being poured and everything seems on schedule despite they are pulling the trigger on all this pretty close to their March 5th opening, but things are expected to be done. They’ve also recently signed on to stay at DDP until 2023, extending their lease from 2018 thanks to the $2.5 million renovations.

What does this all mean?

Nothing really, except it seems the Mets have approached two teams to see if they would be interested in moving in with the Mets at Port St. Lucie. With stadium upgrades finishing, you might as well go fishing while the waters are still warm. While it is unknown which two teams the Mets approached, it isn’t that hard to deduce that the Nationals are probably one of them since Washington is also in the process of looking for new Spring Training digs and are the lynchpin keeping Grapefruit League baseball alive on Florida’s eastern coast.

Could it work? Of course it could. Benefits are the cost would be much lower than trying to get a new ST facility built somewhere, travel time for the team to other opponents would be cut down, the Nationals would have a constant opponent for their Major League team and minor league camp and it would keep the Nationals on the East Coast, in Florida and in the Grapefruit League.

Having my ass thrown out of Digital Domain Park before, it is a nice park, but has some sketchy parking and fans lose a little bit of accessibility to the players with how the Park is built. It is a giant, concrete super structure, sort of like The Diamond in Richmond, but not as drab. It isn’t perfect and it is the Mets, but they could do worse. The Nationals need to seriously keep their Spring Training in Florida and not do something as stupid as alienate your fan base from the team by moving them out to some hole in the middle of the desert on the West Coast.

For now 2012 Nationals Spring Training will be in Viera. If the Nats and Mets do decide to go in on such a venture they would have to announce something by mid-summer at the latest in order for the logistics of such an alliance to work the following season so there is plenty of time to make something like this work.

A partnership between the Mets and the Nats. Lordy! Never thought it would ever be feasible. It is like inviting a torch to a AA-Meeting for barrels of leaking oil and gasoline.

One thought on “Could the Nationals Throw in With the Mets During Spring Training?

  1. It kind of makes sense except for two points.

    1) The Nats have insisted that they wanted a new facility.

    2) They are in the same division and will see way to much of each other.

    If it doesn’t happen or another team does not come in with the Mets, I think you will see the end of Spring Training on the East coast. The Astros will probably head out to AZ, now that they are going to the AL West and the Cards have an out clause if there are not four teams close by.

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