Adam LaRoche Has Hardware Now

Lost in the dreams of a power-hitting, game-changing first baseman amidst the Prince Fielder rumors is Adam LaRoche. Yeah, he is still around and yes, currently he is the Washington Nationals 2012 first baseman whether you like it or not. It has to suck for the guy because he seems to be a guy trapped in a baseball team void.

He is a Washington National, but with all the recent Fielder rumors flying you have to think the guy gets the sense that he really has no place in D.C. What is going to make it worse is if the Nationals can’t reel Fielder in. Then he’ll be playing on a team that he knows was trying to replace him in the off season and every time he strikes out or fails to make a big play he will feel the eyes rolling in the stands and the murmurs of “If Prince was here…”

Yes, LaRoche is virtually in a no-man’s land right now and it is sad because he is actually a pretty good guy. However, LaRoche has one thing on his resume that Fielder does not: LaRoche has won not one, but two Golden Moose– or Mooses or Moosees or whatever the plural of the animal is.

LaRoche’s side sport and deer hunting group “Buck Commander” won two Golden Moose Awards for Best Sound Design and Best Graphics from the Outdoor Channel this past week. Congrats to LaRoche and the BC Crew. Photo comes from the BC Facebook page.

I like LaRoche. I really do, even though he might not be the best fit for the team right now. Good guy, good father, good hunter and he probably has like six 20-pointers on the wall in his den. I bet all Prince Fielder has on his wall is a Milwaukee’s Best neon sign.


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