The Sun Might Be Setting On The Hagerstown Suns

The Washington Nationals might have two minor league affiliates in Northern Virginia soon.

Already their Single-A affiliate, the Potomac Nationals, are in Woodbridge, VA however the NQ’s crack team of reporters (who just Googled it) has learned the Class-A Hagerstown Suns have signed a letter of intent to move the team from Hagerstown, Maryland to Winchester, VA.

This all depends if certain conditions are met by April 17th such as funding for a new stadium.

In honor of this landmark move, the NQ has posted the video above (WARNING: Some foul language) of the Suns tying a cellphone to a balloon, releasing it while it was recording and then having it crash into a power line and have it blow the transformer.

If these sort of shenanigans continue, then Winchester is in for a real treat.

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