Eric Byrnes Has Some Kool Aid, Declares Nats 2012 World Series Long Shots

The MLB Network aired two things Tuesday night of interest to Nats fans. First, they had a Bryce Harper interview with Harold Reynolds which has everyone talking– I almost shut it off three or four seconds into the interview when Reynolds referred to Harper as the “Justin Bieber of Baseball” (puke). You can watch the full nine-minute interview with post analysis¬† HERE.

The second thing was the analysts on the MLB Network were asked to pick 2012 Long Shots to win the World Series and most if not all the picks were still relatively safe picks. Except for Eric Byrnes’ who went with the 28 to 1 odds Washington Nationals. They start talking Nats around 1:19 of this video. Billy Ripken especially chokes on his own saliva and calls Byrnes out for “drinking the Kool Aid.”

Strawberry, grape or fruit punch, Byrnes?

You got to hand it to him: ballsy pick.

(Special thanks to PC over on the Washington Nationals Fan Forum)

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