Nats Look To Ignite Their Natitude Against Georgetown

You are going to see this posted in a thousand places today so prepare yourself, but as any Nationals blog will tell you it is sort of our civic duty:

The Nats “unveiled” their 2012 organization slogan and this year it is “Ignite Your Natitude” or just “Natitude.” I know, right? Insanely creative, but a step up from last season’s “Expect It.” Surprisingly, the Nats look to go on a bit of a media blitz with this one. D.C. Sports Bog:

The team will introduce “Natitude” to the D.C. area this weekend, with a press release Friday, radio spots starting Saturday during 106.7 The Fan’s first spring training broadcast, television ads beginning with Sunday’s spring training debut on MASN, and at least one commercial on the team’s Web site (below). That commercial alternates between Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa, with both men virtually leaking glowing globules of confidence off the screen.

The Morse/Espi video is posted above (and you will need to click it to watch in Youtube, thanks MLB Advanced Media, you swine) and is coupled with dramatic music that makes me wonder if the Nats are actually playing baseball this year or battling the forces of the god-king Xerxes. Another great concept is the “player designed” t-shirts:

The team has started introducing players to the new campaign, asking them to design t-shirts that express their own particular Natitude. Drew Storen has already come up with his concept, featuring the phrase “Attention fans, the bottom of the 9th has been canceled.” The most popular player shirts will be used either as team giveaways or sold in the team store.

Got to get me one of those 9th-Inning shirts…

The Nats will get a chance to test out their new “Natitude” against the likes of the Georgetown college baseball team in an exhibition this afternoon at Space Coast Stadium. Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon will be in the line up together with Matt Purke kicking off the 2012 Spring Training campaign on the mound.

Careful with the Hoyas, Nats. They might be just kids, but kids these days are angry carry guns and do we remember the last time the Hoyas played a friendly?


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