Strasburg Tries To Blow It By, Guy Who Got Shot Twice In Face Saves NQ

I confess: I’ve been depressed.

It has been hard getting back onto the blogging horse after our short stint in Viera. After being in the thick of it and then having to come back and rely on Youtube videos and second hand accounts, it sort of crushes a man’s soul and makes him question why he deals with all this sh*t to begin with. Seriously, it got so bad I actually sat down and was entertained by Beverly Hills Cop III for awhile. Beverly Hills Cop III– horrible.

Fortunately I was saved by Mike last night at Durty Nelly’s bar. Mike is a retired ex-cop who was shot eight times in the line of duty (including twice in the face) who said something last night that just touched my soul and put everything in perspective. He said: “My dick was harder than Japanese arithmetic.”

And so here we are…

Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals squared off against the Atlanta Braves last night in a Spring Training game under the lights and though the result didn’t end in their favor (Nats lost 6-5 in a hard battle), perhaps the most important lesson learned was by Strasburg who found something just as hard as Japanese arithmetic: getting over his own cockiness and pride.

The Burg gave up two home runs last night, the first in the first inning against Dan Uggla which put the Nats in a 2-0 hole. Uggla is comparable to a neanderthal so it was a bit shocking to see him get the best of Strasburg who is usually a lot smarter than to just plug a fastball down the middle to a fastball hitter, but that is what Strasburg did and later he admitted he was foolish because all he wanted to do was “blow it right by him.” In fact, he down right admits he was just throwing the ball rather than pitching. Nationals Journal:

“My arm feels great, so I’m almost over-throwing because it feels so good,” Strasburg said. “That’s one thing that I have to take a step back and remember what I learned from last year. You have to go out there and pitch. You can’t just throw it by guys.”

I’ve already had a few people ask me if I am “concerned” with the runs Strasburg has been giving up this Spring Training. Absolutely not. It is Spring Freaking Training. Strasburg and the team seem to know what is up and I can’t think of a better place to get those butterflies and jitters ironed out. Stras just has to become one with the mound again and check that cockiness at the door. The scorching Florida sun should make him more than humble to his craft by the time Opening Day hits. Absolutely no worries. This guy is still the stud we know him to be and is still as good as advertised.

There, that first blog post back wasn’t so hard. Thanks, Mike!

–In Brief Relief

–Bryce Harper Goes GQ – Nationals top offensive prospect Bryce Harper will be in the April issue of GQ Magazine and he has some incredibly choice beef quotes and photos. It should make the Nationals totally elated. He went from Twitter to GQ magazine. The kid certainly knows how to leap to larger platforms.

–Black Label Shirts On Hold – The NQ released several new items in our online store including a Black Label Bryce Harper shirt. The shirt actually was just starting to sell like hotcakes, but then Cafepress pulled it because of some problems they had with it. Everyone who ordered one should still get it, but any new orders will be pending or put on hold until we can can work out this mess. I should be on the phone with the company today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

– Special Thanks – To all those who made our brief, but wonderful stay in Viera, well, wonderful. Thanks to Viera, Cocoa Beach and Indiatlantic for being generous hosts. Great thanks to Rich The Mets Fan and Susie for putting us up. Thanks to OddNat, Wiz, Barbara from Bunky’s, Space Coast Stadium and staff, Gio Gonzalez, the Nationals, Florida, America, Earth and anyone else I might have missed that had anything to do with our great time. Thank you, thank you.

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