The Graceful Art Of Straining Chien-Ming Wang’s Hamstring

Nationals pitcher Chien-Ming Wang has strained his left hamstring says the Washington Nationals. It happened this afternoon in Viera during a ST contest against the New York Yankees. In the third inning Wang made to tag first base to get a runner, but then wobbled and with the grace of a majestic wooly mammoth flopped over the first base bag sending the Yank into orbit.

I haven’t seen a Yankee go so high since Gettysburg.

That is a real crappy photo of the event above and Deadspin has the video. At this publishing it is unknown if and how long Wang will be out of action, but looking back in the medical history of the Nationals, a “left hamstring strain” usually translates to electric shock therapy and having that bear trap from SAW put on your head. So Wang is screwed.

Assuming Wang is out for a good length of time or his body is shot into space, does this open the door to starter John Lannan to possibly once again root himself in the team’s good graces? Maybe, but he didn’t do himself any favors Thursday afternoon as he was lit up by the Yanks and frankly I think Natstown has tired of him and he was already a memory on the back burner to most.

Another day another injury. If this keeps up Mark DeRosa will be the biggest name on the Opening Day roster knowing Washington’s luck. I am thinking of shipping what healthy Nats we have left to Cloud City to have them frozen in carbonite until Opening Day.

Then I can display them in my dinning room while alien strippers in chains dance for me while I feed my Rancor Phillies fans.

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