Not A Whole Lot Of “O” In Opening Day Nats Victory But We’ll Take It

I had an incredible night last night and much of it was due to the Washington Nationals 2-1 Opening Day victory over the Chicago Cubs. Baseball is back and it just feels so good. The party at the NQ was immense.

I’ve decided to hit two birds with one stone this morning and post my thoughts and concerns after having the team in action yesterday. Most of it centers around the offense, lack of hitting and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You’ll see what I mean when you click on:


…which will take you to my Friday Nats Feature over on SB Nation DC. I can’t get over how shocking it was to some that the Nationals struck out 10 times and only collected four hits on Thursday. I’d get used to this because there will be plenty of these type of games this season and they won’t all swing the the Nats way.

But I’ll be damned if I don’t take the win anyway they can get it. But read the story because I worked hard on it this morning. It took everything I had to use the word “scrumptiously” in the article.

Everyone should have goals.

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