Jayson Werth’s Hand Must Taste Like A Doritos Locos Taco

This past week the NQ attended its first Nats game of 2012 (Friday the 13th game against Reds) and I’m only getting to it now because life and responsibility got in the way of more important things like blogging and Jayson Werth eating his hand.

We noticed a lot with this 2012 version of the Washington Nationals, but the one thing that kept grabbing our attention, mainly because it was so odd at how much it happens, was right fielder Jayson Werth standing in the outfield biting his fingernails almost all game. Apparently he does it a lot. The banner pic was taken during the 4/14 game and these were taken the game before.

Hold onto your butts as we astound you with the evolution of a Jayson Werth nail bite session in pictures:

Here he is craving a Combo #3…

And when you want a Combo #3 the next logical step is to look at your hand and wonder..

He is going in! He is going for it!


A beard eating itself.

I guess you can’t really blame him. You know, if I was in a Major League game bored out of my skull I’d probably indulge in myself as well. $126 million and he can’t afford a manicure? From hence forth, he will be known as CHEWbacca on this blog.

But honestly, chronic nail biting is a bad habit that effects millions of Americans every day. I think it is great that Werth publicly displays this terrible affliction without shame. He is a hero to all the nerds, geeks, spazoids and the anxiety prone. Werth is saying, “Don’t be ashamed, feast away on yourselves!”

God bless you, Chewbacca.

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