Tyler Clippard Wants You To Buy Your Playoff Tickets Now

You know, I understand it. Babe Ruth did it. Muhammad Ali did it all the time. I do it every time I go to a bar. Calling your shot is cool. It is just a bad ass thing to do and if you do it correctly, you could be a legend. However, if you bloop it you turn into Rex Ryan.

That is why Tyler Clippard is treading on tedious ground here.

On April 4th the All-Star Nationals reliever went on 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies radio show and guaranteed the Washington Nationals would be making the playoffs this season. SI.com:

“Well, I mean, ideally we would like to win the division,” Clippard said on 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies program. “I think this year the NL East is probably going to be the tightest grouping of teams at the top in baseball…”


When asked whether he thinks the Nationals will make the playoffs this year, Clippard responded “Ok, I guarantee that we will be in the playoffs.”

This is either going to end with me wearing nothing but a Nationals playoff t-shirt and a thong made out of shaving cream while pulling an Edward Fortyhands or it is going to end badly.

Either way, blame Clippard.

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