Dmitri Young Puts Comeback On Ice, Will Write Book And Help Kids Do Something

Former Washington Nationals first baseman (and swindler) Dmitri Young (hideous looking guy photobombing above) spent this past off season giving up the booze and cigars and losing 70 pounds of fatty in hopes of producing a Major League comeback. Well, no team was suckered into signing him so Young has returned to his post-career plans of writing a book, starting the Dmitri D. Young Foundation, hosting a bunch of baseball camps for kids and doing public speaking.

“I wanted to be a teacher growing up, as crazy as that sounds,” Young said. “I always wanted to show people how to do things that I knew how to do. I was always great in the clubhouse with younger players and helping them adjust to becoming a big league ballplayer. It’s always been part of my nature.”

I am willing to bet Elijah Dukes would have something to say about Young’s mentorship in the clubhouse. He’d probably say sweet things and buy Young a pie considering Dukes is in such a great place currently after stuffing his mouth full of marijuana after being pulled over by the police.

I applaud Meathook’s dedication to get back on the field and finally taking care of himself, but after he totally ripped the Nationals and Jim Bowden out of $10 million on a joke contract I am not surprised in the least no team took a chance on him. Oddly enough, I look forward to reading his book even though I have no idea what it is going to be about.

Will it be a fairy tale? A book about wizards or dragons? Maybe a cookbook?

I hope it has a lot of pictures.

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