Bryce Harper Is America

On the night of Decemeber 25, 1776 after having his forces embarrassed in the defense of New York City, General George Washington spoke the immortal words “F**k it” and crossed the Delaware with a young American army and militia to bring new meaning to the words “American Revolution” to a bunch of British and Hessian soldiers in New Jersey.

It was a last gasp effort on Washington’s part. He couldn’t risk another full frontal engagement with a better trained and world famous army like the Redcoats and he couldn’t risk not attacking in fear his virgin army would go stagnant and momentum for the Cause would wane. No, on that cold night Washington decided to go for it and in doing so not only did he pull off one of the more remarkable military achievements in history, but he unknowingly gave birth to what we know as the “good old American spirit”: full of ingenuity, f**k you and rebellion.

What Washington did took spirit and a whole lot of balls. Fast forward to now and you’ll find Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper fighting a similar battle on a different kind of battlefield, but instead of crossing a river to invade an invading army, he has crossed the waters of the Nationals farm system to invade the Majors and bring a style of play and attitude (Natitude?) that can only be described as “totally American.” It is an attitude many of us have long forgotten.

Bryce Harper is America.

Bryce Harper is the American spirit.

Bryce Harper is the old belief that if you put your mind to it, you desire it and you work hard for- you will achieve your goal. He is that young, vibrant hope and eternal youthfulness of this country’s spirit. He is humble, but yet strong. He is wild, yet loyal. He is fearless, he accepts the challenge even if it seems impossible. In Bryce Harper just as in America, anything is possible.

Looking at Bryce Harper is like looking at the space shuttle: a modern marvel of man’s magnificence. To not want Bryce Harper to succeed is thoroughly un-American. You don’t have to like him to hope and believe someone can make it somewhere in this country these days who has a dream and with hard work achieves it…

Where was I going with this?

Why am I formatting the post like this?

I have no idea.

I guess I am still oddly confused at the reaction he got from the L.A. crowd this past weekend. When you dream about making the Majors and being in that first game the dream doesn’t usually include the crowd booing you every time you go to bat, having some nut run onto the field right at you and being mooned. What sort of degenerates do that to a kid? It is like being booed at your high school graduation.

I am more than positive Harper will get a different sort of reaction Tuesday night as he debuts in Washington for the first time. My, they grow up so fast. It seems like only yesterday his first Spring Training. He enters MLB amid curiosity, confusion and controversy, much like George Washington entered his command. There are still many on the fence on how they truly perceive Harper and what he means to a baseball universe that immediately changed when he stepped into it. Fortunately he is finally on the stage where he can do the talking with his game.

General Washington changed the world when he stepped onto that boat. Bryce Harper will change D.C. baseball when he steps out of that dugout.

Believe in Bryce Harper.

Believe in America.

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