Bryce Harper Black Label 2.0 Shirts Now For Sale– Again

Awhile back the NQ designed a shirt to show our support for Bryce Harper and our love for one of our vices, Jack Daniels Whiskey. We put the”Black Label” shirts up for sale in the NQ store and they were going like hot cakes before the company we were going through, Cafepress, decided to pull them due to certain rules and restrictions. After much debate and just utter disgust dealing with the company, we finally switched to where once again you can now score a Black Label 2.0 shirt.

To grab some swagger, you can visit our online store at Spreadshirt RIGHT HERE or click on our Shop The Inquisition image on the sidebar . You will notice the shirt is now cheaper which is always a good thing. Right now we just have men’s sizes, but we’ll have some other sizes and products up soon.

The old Nationals Inquisition Online Store is still available if you want to pick up some other crap to look cool at Nationals Park this season. The NQ shirts make great diaper wipes and tarps while at the same time they attract chicks like crazy.

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