Cole Hamels Thinks Being A Douchebag Is Old-School Prestigious – Update

Above is video of Nationals rookie outfielder phenom Bryce Harper stealing home on Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday night. Yes, you read that right. He stole home. I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies. It was a move of incredible balls and talent. Please enjoy.

What makes Harper stealing home even more satisfying was the fact it was on Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels who during Harper’s first at-bat, drilled the young phenom with a 94 mph fastball. Harper took full advantage of his free pass as he advanced to third on a Jayson Werth single and then put the Nationals on the board with the first run of the game with his steal.

That should be the end of the story right there. Hamels hit Harper, Harper embarrassed Hamels. It should be all good, except at the end of the game Hamels confessed to hitting Harper on purpose. Of course, depending on who you ask, the reactions have been different. If you ask a Philly fan what he/she thought of Hamels comments they of course see nothing wrong with being a complete and total douchebag out to hurt other players. Ask a Nationals fan and they are furious and want Hamels disciplined by MLB.

But it is so odd. Why would Hamels do such a boneheaded thing? It isn’t totally clear, but the best explanation we can figure comes from the Philadelphia Enquirer and

I was trying to hit him. I’m not going to deny it. It’s something I grew up watching. That’s what happened. I’m just trying to continue the old baseball. Some people get away from it. I remember when I was a rookie, the strike zone was really, really small and you didn’t say anything. That’s the way baseball is. Sometimes the league is protecting certain players. It’s that old-school prestigious way of baseball.

Oh, so Hamels was just protecting an old-school prestigious way of baseball. He was just being traditional drilling another player with a 94 mph fastball. Oh, now I understand. No, it is totally okay now– Cole Hamels is a douchebag.

What an absolute douche and coward. Who the hell is Hamels to enforce such a “traditional, prestigious old-school way of baseball?” What a piece of sh*t. He totally had this planned going into the game. He did. The fact he decided to suddenly pull this ridiculous stunt on this past Natitude Weekend against the first place team of the NL East (suck on that, Hamels) and to their hottest rookie player– he knew what he was doing.

Fitting he is a Philadelphia Phillies player. That team and city seems to breed rats and douchebags. I thought no one could be a bigger douche than Chase Utley after he took out Jesus Flores’ knees in 2008, but Hamels proves me wrong. Natstown wants justice from MLB, but I doubt they will get it considering Hamels and the Phillies are part of those “protected players” Hamels rants against. What an absolute coward…

I’m not going to say it is okay, because it isn’t, but what does Bryce Harper have to say about it?

“[I’m not mad] at all,” Harper said. “He is a great guy, great pitcher, he knows how to pitch, he is an All-Star. It’s all good. … Hamels threw a good game tonight. You have to give all the props to him. He came out there, he threw the ball well. There is nothing we can do about it.”

Wow. Harper takes the absolute high road. Hard to see who the rookie is in this situation. Harper looks like an upstanding, young Major League baseball player. Hamels looks like– an asshole.

Looks like Harper stole home on Hamels– again.

UPDATE: I am almost wanting to completely delete the post above and just replace everything with the words of General Manager Mike Rizzo on the subject. INSANELY great quotes and we totally agree with every one of them. Here is our favorite:

“Cole Hamels says he’s old school? He’s the polar opposite of old school. He’s fake tough. He thinks he’s going to intimidate us after hitting our 19-year rookie who’s eight games into the big leagues? He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

I have a new respect for Mike Rizzo today.

One thought on “Cole Hamels Thinks Being A Douchebag Is Old-School Prestigious – Update

  1. That is B.S. what Hamels did. It one thing doing it, but if he was old school, he would have never come out and admitted it.

    He needs to and will get suspended for it! Knowing Davey Johnson from his Met manager days, I am sure “Bush League Cole” will be getting drilled and ducking some chin music the next time the Nats face him.

    Better wear some armor Cole when you bat next time.

    Now that’s “Old Basball”!

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